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3D printing is a process by which physical objects are created by layering materials according to a digital model. All 3D printing processes require software, hardware and materials to work together.

In dentistry, 3D technology helps us to improve diagnosis, planning and treatments, providing greater precision for the dentist and better results for the patient.

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Advantages of 3D printing in dentistry

3D printing technology in dentistry allows us to create final products with a very high technical level, such as unloading splints, offering significant advantages in terms of productivity, costs, customisation and manufacturing times.
This technique allows us to offer greater precision to the dentist, and better results to the patient.
Impression dentistry encompasses various processes and materials but mainly resin materials for various types of splints, guided surgery, temporaries, diagnostic models and aligners.

Thanks to an intraoral impression of the patient’s mouth, it can be printed and there is no need to take measurements with pastes in the mouth. With the printed model, a multitude of processes can be carried out, such as the so-called “mock up” so that the patient can see the final result of the treatment before anything else is done.

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Héctor Fernández-Baca Suárez

Specialist in Periodontics, Surgery, Implants, Rehabilitation and TMJ. Course in Dental Aesthetics

Javier Fernández-Baca Suárez

Expert Master's Degree in Dental Aesthetics and Oral Rehabilitation - Specialist in TMJ. Course in surgery, implants and digital dentistry. ​

Héctor Fernández-Baca Ramos

Master's degree in Endodontics from Harvard University.
He has more than 35 years of experience and is a reference in his field.​


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