The correction of dental malposition with orthodontic treatment is reflected in a functional improvement. The teeth are aligned in the correct position to perform their function correctly, and they also protect each other, preventing wear and tear and overloading.

It rehabilitates the musculature and articulation. The dental movement is carried out from a specialised TMJ approach to finish the treatment in the ideal muscular and articular position.

It eliminates crowding and frees up pockets for easy cleaning, which leads to a great improvement in oral hygiene, in addition to the obvious aesthetic improvement.

Aligning the teeth makes the smile more balanced and beautiful, which results in a change of mood for the patient and boosts their self-esteem by restoring the smile to its optimum state.

We are happier when we smile more

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How Orthodontics work

Orthodontic study

Fitting of brackets

Monthly wire change

Removal of brackets

Advantages of brace treatment

Orthodontic treatment with braces facilitates dental alignment, with a great aesthetic, psychosocial and functional (bite) improvement for the patient.

The resolution of crowding or malposition leads to improved hygiene.

It allows the resolution of complex cases in less time than treatment with removable aligners.

It does not require the patient’s will for the treatment to be successful (as it is controlled by the dentist).


Frequently Asked Questions

Depende del caso. Desde tratamientos simples durante 1-6 meses a tratamientos más complejos entre 1-3 años.

La colocación de Braquets no es dolorosa. Durante la Ortodoncia, pueden aparecer ciertos sintomas como la aparición de llagas causadas por los Braquets. Además de esto, en los cambios de alambre, un diente con más tracción puede molestar puntualmente.

Depende del caso. Varía según la complejidad del mismo y según el material utilizado. Alrededor de 3000€.


Alberto Badía

Specialist Orthodontist
(Treatment focused on the joint).


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