We carry out a general analysis of your oral health free of charge. This will be our starting point for drawing up a tailor-made dental treatment for you. From the beginning, you will know exactly what the purpose of each technique is, with no surprises.

The mouth is a cavity that harbours an enormous amount of bacteria, which is why it must be clean and disinfected. We advise our patients on how to achieve the best oral hygiene.

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How Preventive Dentistry works

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Preventive dentistry is concerned with preventing oral pathologies, as well as helping to promote healthy oral health. A healthy mouth is essential because, if we take good care of it with optimal brushing and regular visits, we will avoid having to undergo more complicated treatments.


Frequently Asked questions

Regular brushing is vital to maintain optimal oral health. Traditionally, brushing is recommended after every meal to eliminate the problem of tooth decay. Carbohydrates in foods and beverages feed bacteria in the mouth, which produce acids that can lead to tooth decay. By brushing with fluoride toothpaste after every meal, you can reduce acid production, thus reducing your chances of developing cavities.

Both options are perfectly valid. The important thing is to brush thoroughly, reaching all areas and for a reasonable amount of time to remove as much dirt as possible from our teeth and gums.

Research shows that regular professional cleaning can reduce the risk of tooth decay and periodontal (gum) disease, and most people like to have their teeth cleaned once or twice a year. It is advisable to go to the dental clinic every 6 months for a professional cleaning with specific products. During this cleaning, you will also receive a free check-up at our clinic to maintain the health of your mouth.

Bleeding gums can be due to different reasons related to oral pathologies such as, for example, gingivitis or periodontitis.

If your gums bleed when you brush your teeth, we recommend that you arrange a visit to our clinic to study your case and find the Treatment that best suits your needs.

The estimated age is usually from the age of 10 years in the case of malocclusion, although the truth is that with only 3 years of age with milk teeth, bite problems can be detected and an alternative treatment can be established to subsequently place the orthodontics.


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