Implants with immediate loading consist of placing the implant and “loading” a provisional dental piece on it just after the natural tooth has been extracted. Everything is done on the same day: tooth extraction, implant and placement (or loading) of the provisional crown on the implant.
In general, this technique is used in single anterior teeth (for aesthetics, as one piece is replaced by another at the same time, although eliminating all function, leaving the piece a little higher to avoid contact with the antagonist pieces), or in complete arches where all the implants help each other to support the loads until the implant is integrated into the bone.

This occurs after about three months, when the dentist will place the definitive prosthesis, which will have a higher aesthetic and functional quality than the temporary one.

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How Same-Day implants work

Clinical diagnosis

Impression taking

Prosthesis fitting

Implant placement


Advantages of Same-Day Dental implants

The placement of implants with immediate loading, with provisional prostheses, has a triple advantage: aesthetic, functional and psychological: it allows the patient to enter and leave the clinic with the same teeth they came in with and the rest of the teeth remain in place. At no time will the patient feel that the tooth in question is missing.

Thanks to good planning and with the help of guided surgery, intraoral scans and 3D radiographic scans (CBCT), immediate load implants and implants carried out with traditional techniques can have the same success rate.

Finally, the duration of treatment is shortened as second-stage appointments (where the implant is uncovered in the traditional technique) are saved.

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Frequency asked questions

On the same day, we remove your natural tooth, place the implant and you leave the clinic with a temporary tooth. The final prosthetic crowns are placed three months after the provisional prosthetic crowns have been loaded.

Same-day dental implants are a faster and more accurate option than traditional implants. But not everyone is a good candidate for this procedure. The specialist must examine the patient’s mouth to determine the feasibility of the treatment. The requirements are similar to those for conventional implants:

– Good general health of the patient: no diseases such as diabetes or immune system diseases.

– A mouth without periodontal problems.

– Sufficient bone mass to place the implant.

– Non-smoking patient.

It is a particularly suitable procedure for patients who are missing front teeth, all teeth or who have many teeth and need to have them all extracted.

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