We Design Your smile  Your dream smile

Creating Experiences  Dream

Unique Smiles

A GENERATION of DENTISTS with over 200 years of seeking your best SMILE

Always at the FOREFRONT.

We work with the best technology to make your treatments more effective and long-lasting.

Preserving the TRADITION.

Without giving up the direct contact with you, which has always set us apart. Feel at home when you are here.


If there is one thing that has allowed us to get this far, it is the confidence in a team and work processes perfected from our experience.

Our clinic is a SPACE designed to make you FEEL

We have designed every corner to seek your calm and tranquillity. You will feel at home, something you have never experienced in a dental clinic before.

For two centuries, we have been THINKING of YOU

Imagine, over two hundred years, all the values that we have been able to acquire and that have forged our identity. And of all of them, you are still the most important.


Our Specialized dental procedures

We work designing smiles, but these are just a few of the THOUSAND THINGS we do at Generación Dental.


Tailor-made treatments


In-house production


Step by step


Beyond Malaga

We want you to KNOW

Frequently asked questions

Our family has been dedicated body and soul to dentistry in Malaga for more than three complete generations. Generation is our way of continuing and perfecting, if possible, the legacy they have left us.

From the moment you sit down, to the moment you look in the mirror and see exactly the smile you wanted to see, there is a process in which we improve the conditions of hygiene and oral health, and finally giving you the aesthetics you are looking for.

We have developed all our knowledge with the most prestigious dentists in the United Kingdom, a country where dental aesthetics has a very strong health and social relevance, and where the patient is demanding with their results.

Of course. We have tailor-made financing plans, so that you can tackle your treatment.

We will be with you at all times, so that you can ask us your questions and doubts about it. In general, it is a process that you have probably already experienced, but with better attention and, of course, with the highest level of equipment.

Of course. The treatment does not end when you leave the clinic. We are available in our contact channels and social networks for you to ask us any questions you need to resolve and have not remembered during the consultation.


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